We work with organisations to engage people around their causes – leveraging the power of technology, community and creativity. We believe that culture is at the heart of solving the immense social and environmental challenges of our time, and that communities are where this culture is held and can be changed.

Purposive designs processes and conducts experiments and interventions aimed at shifting behaviours and attitudes. We activate communities around social missions and work to create the digital, social and physical infrastructure to support them. We believe that building these communities of purpose then connecting them is what can create lasting social change.

We’re not a brand and comms agency, though this is some of what we do. We’re a diverse collective of strategists, facilitators and creators and organisers with a passion and brilliant talent for social & environmental impact projects.

We are facing unprecedented challenges of a scale we’ve never worked on before. These challenges cross cultures, races, national borders and political ideologies – some people call them wicked problems. Leading and supporting social change is not an easy task and the changes happen on an inter-generational timeline.

For the last 100 years the solutions to our big problems have been tackled with an approach characterised by top-down, strategy-first policy and program roll outs. It is becoming increasingly clear that in 21st century we need bottom-up, responsively planned, agile program development to create better solutions. In short we need new ways of doing.

bowerbirdqWe liken this shift in focus to the different between peacocks and bowerbirds. Peacocks are showy creatures, favouring huge dazzling displays and aggressive mating behaviour, whilst bowerbirds create amazing nests and visual displays to attract mates from the variety of resources they find in their local area. Peacocks are judged on their appearances, bowerbirds rely on their actions and creativity. For 21st century social change, we need more bowerbirds.


We only work on projects that have a purpose of solving the social and environmental problems.


We believe that the best solutions come from including diverse minds in the design process and that facilitating broad creative ownership of projects is vital to success.


Everything we do is driven by design process – a defined purpose, research, conceptualisation and iteration. We don’t believe in prescriptive or static solutions.


The leading edge of social innovation is based on scalable learning rather than pre-existing knowledge. Learning comes from doing, so we build experiments and projects to maximise impact and extract the learnings.


We’re inherently entrepreneurial in our approach. We turn problems into challenges, and barriers into opportunities. We follow lean methods to maximise the return on investment through bootstrapping through the unknown stages of projects.


We make money to run our business, rather than running our business to make money. We measure our impact and our projects on multiple indicators; financial is only one of them – hence we are ‘more than profit’.